Top of the Eiffel Tower


Travel regret #2 – not going up the Eiffel Tower. I blamed the rain, but I also have to admit I was nervous being claustrophobic that I would not enjoy it. I was bound and determined to go up this time around. We had tickets for the summit – the very top where you can order a glass of champagne.

To get to the 2nd floor was not bad at all. Our tickets purchased online let us skip the lines of people waiting to buy tickets and go straight up the tower. The elevator was only half full which helped ease my anxiety. The views were beautiful and we were enjoying our time until we saw the line to the very top. As we were waiting our jet lag hit us like a ton of bricks and decided it was not worth waiting to go to the very top.

The best advice I can give is try to plan an easy going day on your first day of travel because everyone is susceptible to jet lag.


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