Hotel Margherita

Perhaps my favorite place I’ve ever stayed. I can’t give you a better recommendation than to stay here. Away from the hectic town of Positano, Praiano is a quieter fishing village 10 minutes away. Hotel Margherita‘s staff is here to make you feel as comfortable as possible and thats exactly what they did.

They offer you a glass of champagne and local olives as you check in, which helped ease the tension from our train ride in. We had requested an ocean view room if possible at the time of booking, but appeared to be sold out.  To our surprise, they granted our request (at no additional cost) and upgraded to our own apartment below with a private ocean view.


Other highlights of the hotel: Full service breakfast included each morning, including made-to-order omelettes and cappuccinos, a ride to anywhere in town (you called to have them pick you up and since our phone did not have service all you did was find a local store and they would call for you), towels for the beach and helpful information to get to where you would like to go. And I almost forgot – an infinity edge pool overlooking the sea.


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