“Ooooobidooos let the rhythm take you over Oooobidooos” sung to the tune of Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias was our theme song for the day.


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Our second day in Portugal was spent soaking up the sun at our Marriott resort, then in the afternoon we took a cab ride to the nearby city of Óbidos. Óbidos is a medieval walled city located within a 20 minute drive from Lisbon. Arriving in the city immediately felt like you went back in time. Vendors line the walls inside and outside of the city selling local goods like cork, tile, jewelry and their famous ginja – a sour cherry flavored liqueur.


The traditional way to drink ginja is to take a shot out of a chocolate cup. Mmmm. It is very sweet but has a good punch to it. When in Portugal, definitely give it a try!


After our shot of courage we headed up the wall which you can walk all the way around the perimeter of the city. It is not for the faint of heart – the walls have no railings. Also I highly suggest not wearing slippery sandals (or a dress). I made it up to the top, but shortly realized I could not make it all the way around safely. But the rest of our group did and said it wasn’t too bad – the views were incredible.

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After shopping and walking the streets to our hearts content, we headed to one of the most memorable dinners I’ve ever had. A Nova Casa de Ramiro is ranked number one on trip advisor for places to eat in Óbidos for a reason. It is a small cozy place making you feel right at home. The service was fantastic and were very accommodating to speaking English and making us feel welcome. And the food was amazing! I would definitely recommend making a reservation ahead of time. If you are visiting Óbidos you might as well stay for dinner.





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