Pawhuska, OK



I love the Pioneer Woman. I have read her blog, watched her tv show religiously on Food Network, and I can now say I have been to her restaurant and shop – The Mercantile.

We set out early in the morning. Our alarms woke us at 5:30 and we hit the road with coffee by 6. Pawhuska is a 3 1/2 hour drive from Kansas City and we wanted to beat the crowds. The best part of leaving early was enjoying the sunrise. I’m always amazed at how beautiful Kansas really is.


We arrived around 9:45 and were surprised, on a Saturday, to find no line to enter the store. There was however a line for dining at the restaurant. Lucky for me, Andrew waited while my sister and I shopped.

You’re going to want to take sometime shopping. There are so many different unique items. From cookware to jewelry to children’s toys, you can find a little bit of everything. I ended up getting a leather strap bracelet, a heart shaped dish, and a cookbook of Ree’s I did not have.

By the time we were done shopping, it was almost time to eat. We were seated to eat breakfast at 10:30. A 45 minute wait – not bad compared to reviews on TripAdvisor.


The food was hearty home cooking at its finest. If only we had room for the homemade cinnamon rolls I saw them making upstairs in the cafe. There’s always next time.



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