May 2012switzerland

“Vacation…all I ever wanted…vacation…had to get away” -The Go-Go’s

A year into our marriage we found our way back to Europe. Andrew and his family had previously lived in Geneva, Switzerland when he was in middle school and they had not been back since.  We had a week long vacation of reliving their memories and creating many more. We were blessed with amazing weather to go along with the beautiful views.

Where we stayed:

VRBO Geneva


This was the rooftop view of where we called home for a week in Geneva, Switzerland.

Unfortunately this listing is no longer available on vrbo, but I would recommend for a large group to rent a house/apartment for the week. We were just a 15 minute bus ride away to the city center.

Having a house with common areas let the Clark’s do what they do best on vacation-drink and play cards.

Hotel Spinne

For 2 nights we traveled to Grindelwald, Switzerland to spend some time in the mountains. Hotel Spinne was a perfect location with a breathtaking view from their back patio.


Our Itinerary:



Geneva’s most famous landmark is the Jet d’Eau – a large fountain on Lake Geneva.

After walking around the lake, we climbed up the street to Old Town Geneva. Old Town is filled with sidewalk cafe’s, museums, historical sights, and beautiful fountains.



annecyAnnecy, France is known as the “Venice of of the Alps”. Its about an hour away from Geneva by car. We enjoyed an afternoon walking along the cobble-stoned streets that wind through the canals. It is such a colorful and picturesque town full of character.



Another hour long drive from Geneva, is to Chamonix, France. There is also a bus and train that can get you here. Since we were visiting in May, we did not have heavy crowds at this ski resort. It was a fun day trip to see the tallest mountain in the Alps – Mont Blanc.


Chateau Chillon

On our way to Grindelwald we stopped in Montreux, France to visit Chateau Chillon. From Geneva, Montreaux is about an hour by car. Chateau de Chillon is a medieval castle open for visitors to explore freely.



We took a train from Grindelwald to Lauterbrunnen to visit the waterfalls. Trummelbach Falls are a series of waterfalls inside a mountain. It is fascinating and I have never seen anything else like this before.




Grindelwald is a smaller ski resort in the Interlaken region of Switzerland. Visiting in May, the views are filled with luscious green valleys surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains.


We took the cable car to the top and hiked down the mountain. Along the way we found a buddy, Leslie, who followed us all the way. Her owners were not pleased she left the restaurant at the top, but I guess she frequently gets free rides back up on the cable car.



As we headed back to Geneva we visited the medieval village of  Yvoire, France. It is about 45 min by car or you can take a boat.


Favorite Meals:




Tartiflette is a French dish of potatoes and cheese. The ultimate comfort food. It is very decadent but delicious. I ordered this on a rainy cool day in Annecy, France.

Les Amures


We went to Les Amures in Geneva, Switzerland for fondue and raclette. Fondue is a Swiss classic of melted cheeses served in a bowl in the middle of the table for everyone to share. Raclette is lesser known, but is a cheese that melts easily and is traditionally served with potatoes and cornichons. Pictured above is melted raclette cheese to the side of thinly sliced meats. A fun fact we learned is most restaurants serve fondue and raclette in the basement due to the “stinky” cheeses.

Le Petit Lac

lepetitlac3lepetitlac2My favorite restaurant of the trip was Le Petit Lac. Perhaps it was the view of the sun setting on Lake Geneva on our last day there, but the meal was outstanding. I ordered a local favorite – Filet de Perch.



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